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I re-mined all non-Patoshi blocks in the first 18K block only to check that the theory matched the reality (It does). A month ago I started re-mining with a standard CPU. I don’t have access to a GPU nor an ASIC right now. But things became not so clear when I re-mined Patoshi blocks. I’m searching the whole Patoshi range [0..9] plus [19..58] to scan for additional solutions. These are the results I got when re-mining all Patoshi blocks in the first 13.2K blocks of the Bitcoin blockchain.

imageThe payback percentage is the actual amount the casino will return to the player after each bet. The payback percentage of casino video poker machines is close to ninety-seven percent. However, some casinos offer higher returns. In most cases, the casino will receive three percent for every coin or bill inserted. To find out what the return will be on a specific machine, you should first understand btc how these machines work. The payback percentage will be displayed on the ticket you will use to enter the credits you wish to wager.

21m cap : as you know, there will only ever be 21,000,000 Bitcoins minted. Deflation : if Bitcoin were to become a dominant global currency, its capped supply might end up having deflationary effects. You know that your benevolent central bankers target two percent inflation to encourage people to spend and consume. incentives : bitcoin ICOs (initial coin offerings) offered software developers the chance to write open source software and get handsomely paid for it, too. You don’t understand why anyone would work if they weren’t getting paid. You skimmed a recap of some paper and you’re now very concerned about the long term viability of the Bitcoin security model as block rewards shift to a fee-subsidy model after the next halving. Bitcoin devs wouldn’t just do it out of the goodness of their hearts, would they? You like spending and consuming. Energy waste : Bitcoin uses heaps of energy to secure the monetary system and retain the integrity of its ledger in a trust-minimized way. You see no problem with that. Bitcoin is disturbingly meritocratic, and doesn’t pay its developers anything. The US-driven fiat money regime relies on aircraft carriers and nuclear arsenals instead. You think the system should attempt to scale right away, rather than being built in a layered manner — consequences be damned. Volatile : as an emerging virtual commodity, Bitcoin is extremely volatile. Its tangibility is comforting. No Turing (completeness) : Bitcoin isn’t capable of supporting arbitrary computation, unlike competitors like Ethereum. You think developers should be free to experiment with billions of stored wealth. Small blocks : for a while, Bitcoin capped its block size at one megabyte (now it’s effectively 2.3 mb). You think that risk in markets should be abolished, or at least suppressed through endless monetary expansion. That makes Bitcoin more conservative and less expressive at the base layer. Selfish mining : you may have heard about this potential edge case in Bitcoin mining, and have decided that the Proof-of-Work consensus system is a write-off, despite ten years of reliable functionality. In times of congestion, users can pay a premium for higher-priority transactions. You find the latter much more elegant. If you really want to impress your friends, dredge up this exotic line of attack. You believe in capital controls and the USDA food pyramid. You dislike fees and would prefer immediate, global scaling — again, with no thought to the long term sustainability of the system. You don’t like the idea of free flow of money or untamperable wealth. High fees : due to the capped throughput, Bitcoin has a market for block space. Bitcoiners like to rudely call out ICO scammers and fiat-gorging central bankers alike. No KYC : Bitcoin is a permissionless system that anyone on earth can use to store or send their wealth. You prefer your steaks well done, and your money under the watchful gaze of the government. That’s not very nice. Maintaining decorum in an argument matters far more than being right. Toxic fans: style is far more important than substance.

Currencies can’t be volatile, surely. Maybe it should be the hacks. You’re not sure where to start. You reflect on the objectionable tone of those Bitcoiners on Twitter. Should it be the volatility? You hunker down with a decaf soy latte and ponder the approach. On NPR, you heard about the collapse of some Bitcoin exchange named after a Japanese… mountain? Hyperinflation is a problem for the global south, not you. Those trolls can be awfully rude.

The way Purse is supposed to work is this: A customer selects the items he or she wants to buy on Amazon, then copies the URLs and returns to Purse, which processes the transaction, using gift cards it’s acquired from people who want cryptocurrency.

I simulated mining a large part of Patoshi nonce space scanning sequentially in the range [19..58] (assuming 64% of hashrate), a subrange [0..9] (assuming 16% of the hashrate), and BNB finally a single unit or punit range (assuming 1.6% of the hashrate). These are the results of the simulations: In all cases the miner increments the inner nonce.image

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